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We think it is important to know how your donation dollars are spent.

As our Mission Statement states we are all about improving the quality of life for disabled veterans through the practice of the sport and art of archery. We accomplish that mission by providing archery lessons and combat disabled veteran competition events.

On average it cost about $20.00 per student for a certified archery  coach to conduct a 1 hour lesson to novices. However, when we approach archery shops and explain the therapeutic value of archery for physically and mentally disabled combat veterans we have found many shops will graciously  subsidize 50% of the cost of providing bows, arrows and professional coaching staff. This is why we budget $10 per veteran per archery lesson.


Even a small donation of $10 you share with us is important because you have then provided one lesson for one combat disabled veteran. Just that one lesson can open up a seriously disabled combat veteran and lead him/her to a better life.


If you want to be more involved a $120 donation will provide enough funding to get one combat disabled veteran through the 12 session Arrows For Heroes Training Program. Any size donation is greatly appreciated and will help to improve a combat disabled veteran's quality of life.

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