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The Musacchio Mud Mountain Challenge was an event in honor of Charles Yardley and his contribution to our Arrows For Heroes program!
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Cinnamon Creek Ranch is the premier wild game processing center and nationwide archery facility. 

One of the Ranch’s professional archery instructors, Charles Yardley, had this dream to provide an innovative approach to youth archery training.  He developed a very special training program that would educate children in the sport and art of archery through impassioned motivational training techniques combined with proven archery coaching methods. Above all, his students would be inspired to strengthen their belief in themselves, building upon their self confidence and self esteem. During his weekly youth nights, Charles was often heard telling his young students to  “Stop looking at your misses and focus on your successes!”

After years of serving and training youth archers, local amateur and professional archers Charles took his passionate vision of modern day archery to the owners of Cinnamon Creek, Joe & Nola Musacchio. He convinced them to invest in building  a world class archery specialty event center. This innovative event center would be host to youth training nights, organizational team building sessions, corporate events, weddings, banquets, holiday celebrations, family gatherings and more!  That vision became a reality in March 2017. 

As a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Corpsman, Charles dug deeper into his passion for archery and soon began offering archery lessons to U.S. Military disabled veterans as a recreational therapy to help them in their healing process. The impact on the veterans was  incredibly beneficial. Seeing this, Charles worked hand-in-hand with local North Texas Veterans and V.A. staff  to formalize this recreational therapy program for disabled veterans suffering from physical and mental wounds. This program became the Arrows For Heroes nonprofit organization which reaches out to disabled veterans suffering from combat wounds. Charles put his heart and Corpsman’s soul into helping these veterans through his special archery therapy sessions teaching many vets, who had all but given up, that the sport and art of archery can be adapted to their physical and mental limitations. He has taught many disabled veterans they can once again experience the joy of achievement and camaraderie through archery. Charles’ inspiration often improved a veteran’s outlook on life motivating them into becoming a  thriving participant in the joy of living life fully..

Unfortunately, we lost Charles Yardley to a courageously fought cancer battle in January 2018.  Friends of the Ranch immediately began working on his legacy, and thus, Musacchio Mud Challenge was born … the race will feature obstacles everyone is capable of conquering through hard work, teamwork and belief in self. 

To honor Charles’ dream to support Arrows for Heroes, the Arrows For Heroes nonprofit program was the sole benefactor of this race.  The event raised over $3000 for our Archery Therapy Program introducing the power of the sport of archery to disabled veterans. The funds raised will also help us sponsor veterans who wish to participate in archery competitions for disabled veterans such as the U.S. Texas Regional Paralympics Games, the Endeavor Games and the big annual Valor Games. We need your financial support to make these benefits available to all of our veterans who wish to participate.


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